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Vision Quest 2024

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    Is your "Happy New Year!" laced with a bitter aftertaste of "Same old, same old?" Do the ghosts of years past cling to your ankles, dragging you back to familiar, frustrating ruts? Do you sigh, thinking, "Is this all there is?"

    But what if 2024 could be...different? Imagine shedding the skin of the past, leaving behind the baggage, the burdens, the echoes of unfulfilled expectations. Imagine stepping into a year so blank, so untouched, it pulsates with possibility.

    We're not talking resolutions – we're talking revolution. Join us on a journey to dismantle the tired scripts of your life, to peel back the layers and rediscover the raw, potent power of creation that lies within.

    In the fertile void of "nothing," something extraordinary awaits. You'll learn to unleash your inner alchemist, transforming the dross of disappointment into shimmering potential. You'll rewire your reality chip, ditching the autopilot and taking the wheel of your own destiny.

    This isn't about fluffy affirmations or pie-in-the-sky wishes. This is about getting down and dirty with the very fabric of your being. This is about becoming the architect, the artist, the master of your own reality.

    Are you ready to shed the shackles of the past and paint your masterpiece of a 2024? Then join us.Times for online course:

    Saturday, December 30 – 10 am to about 2 pm PST
    SUnday, December 31st – 10 am to about 2 pm PST
    Bonus Session – Monday January 1st – 1 PM to 3 PM 

    From the canvas of "nothing," let's create something unforgettable. Together.The investment for this workshop is $99 and to register, hit the secure checkout button below:

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    Thank you for Creating an empowering 2024!

    James Pehkonen

    Life Architect
    Breath Guy

    Lover of Life