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When you reach a point where traditional methods of dealing with that which has stopped you in life are not effective, it is time to sit down and see if working with a Life Architect may be just for you! It's a custom program to shift you from misery to a life you are excited about living and the possibility of you transforming your experience of life!

"You Will Begin To Empower Yourself And See Life In a New Way."

Jim Pehkonen

Since 2005, I have been coaching people who have transcended the story they have created about themselves and are now living amazing lives!

It is a program that is about you, your story of life, and beginning to understand the nature of thought such that you shift your understanding and begin to create a new experience of life! I bring a deep understanding about how we create and live this experience called life, and how the trauma and drama of the past impact your happiness today and moving forward.

It may sound tough, yet with a Life Architect, you will find the work you put into your transformation and your shifted experience of life refreshing. 

NOTE: It does not mean the drama did not happen, it means you transform your experience of life RIGHT NOW, and begin to leave the past in the past. It becomes a memory that holds no power over your life right now.

Tu quidem reddes; Bonum negas esse divitias, praeposìtum esse dicis?

Life has not always been so awesome! Following a failed marriage at the turn of the century, the direction Jim’s life turned towards Transformative Studies, exploration of deep healing in the Amazon jungle, and cultivating a thorough understanding of the human potential through two Transformative Coaching Institutions.

In 2003, Jim left a successful career in the corporate world where he would go into mediocre performing businesses and turn them around to record profits; and journeyed into transformation, first his own, and now living his passion as a Life Architect. Since 2005, Jim lives his passion assisting others to bust through their blocks and create amazing lives!!

Life Architect, Certified Transformative Coach – Jim has studied in two Academies and done extensive work in a World Wide Transformation Education organization and in very out of the box modalities to deepen his expertise as a Life Architect.

What would it be to have someone who is such an empowering stand for YOUR POTENTIAL! AND you can learn to have fun and play along the way!! Coming from a guy who in the 2002 Olympics drove a Zamboni!

Give me a call – if I am not available, leave me a message and I’ll return the call with one day.

Together let’s shift your world!

Jim can be reached at 801-913-5191 and at [email protected].

You talk, I listen, you grow!

Maybe life is a little tough right now!

Maybe the road ahead seems impossible and your dreams are slipping away. Maybe you are falling (dangerously) into an addictive behavior or depression. And traditional methods simply have not worked.

Take a moment to think about that and then take action.

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