I have the courage to walk into any life situation and be confident to create the space for your healing to occur. ANY LIFE SITUATION

For example, whether you have been abused, experienced life loss, have childhood trauma involving residual emotion … together we go through an exploration of the story you have created.

As the story unfolds and is understood anew, you will develop an awareness of the impact on your current life from a different angle. When you see the impact anew, it no longer holds on you and within a new freedom you step into your authentic power -- your life shifts into an incredible experience.

Here is what people say who have worked with me … my work is best expressed through their success stories:

Working with Jim has been a very incredible experience. I have become fully aware of "my story" and how I have supported it, been addicted to it, and kept it alive.

I also have become aware of the self-defeating patterns and thoughts I have repeated over and over again without knowing. Only after really looking – in a honest and clear way – and digging deep in order to thoroughly do the homework, have I been able to really see, understand, and grow.

The awareness has been the key for me, and the breaking of old habits and thought patterns and setting new ones in place is where I have been able to find a way out of the "old" me. One of the biggest things I've learned is that it will always be a process, things don't just get fixed and go away. But through the awareness you get better and better at recognizing, embracing, letting go, and getting back in line with the direction you desire to go.

Jim does an amazing job in guiding, teaching, and aiding you in revealing to yourself what you need to know to go forward. He does this with a devoted sense of sincere sensitivity and grace to help you find your way back to your true self.

His work is individualized and geared to the specifics of who you are and what you need. An amazing experience I highly recommend to anyone who wants to take their "next step."

~ Lisa O – Business Owner, Artist – Salt Lake City, UT

Since being coached by Jim I am more confident and successful as a business owner, I enjoying the relationship of my dreams, and overall I have peace of mind.

I also value Jim's level of training as coach. I have been coached before by coaches who are good listeners and have insightful advice but it's no comparison to a someone who is trained to coach people like Jim

~ Michelle M, Business Owner, New York City

I found Jim at the perfect time. I was in a period in my life where I was floating; I needed to refresh, get a renewed grasp of myself

Working with Jim opened up the space for me to pursue a business venture I've been thinking about for over a year. I just made my first sale! Its highly unlikely that I would be in the 360 degree different place I am now if I had not taken those few short months to work with Jim.

I am truly grateful and would work with him again in a split second.

~ Rebecca M, Entrepreneur, San Diego, CA

Jim is able to accomplish more with his clients in a handful of sessions than can be accomplished in countless hours of therapy.

He DOES see the blocks, the roots of the blocks, and Jim KNOWS the best way to guide you through the process to get to where you need and want to be for your own highest healing and highest good.

He is an incredible mentor, motivator, healer, shaman, ghost buster all rolled into one, as well as an incredible friend! Jim does walk the walk he teaches and guides others in.

~ McCoy V. – Entrepreneur, Salt Lake City, UT

As a result of my work with Jim, I now have solid relationship with my spiritual self, I am more confident in my abilities as an intuitive coach and ultimately trust myself on a deeper level.

Life after working with Jim has shifted dramatically. I've created a new practice (as a coach) and continue in my growth and development path as an artist, healer and leader.

Jim began working with me through a period of trauma and grief. I found Jim's ability to listen and accept everything that I was going through and all that I am, helped me to understand that on a much deeper level for myself. Working with him gave me freedom to play in areas where I was concerned by what "people thought" - ultimately not only to know and accept myself, but to be inspired by who I am.

Jim has become my friend and mentor in the world of coaching, healing and spirituality.

~ Jill B. – Business Owner / Entrepreneur, New York City

Jim is very authentic. He doesn't know how to give you less than 100% of himself to the development and growth of others.

He has personally traveled to the corners of the globe to learn firsthand the mastery of wisdom and thought.

Somehow he has managed to become as wise as an the ancient philosophers and gurus and retain a youthful exuberance for the wonder of life.

~ Richard C. – Business Owner, Provo, Utah