What Stands Between You and Love

Love can be elusive. You do so much to find it, create it, live in it, imagine it — and yet returning to love is simply a thought away.

What stands between you and love?

Again, what stands between you and love? What if today you were OK and could feel that space of love — that today you will b...

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Create a Life with Shift

How do you see the creation of life?

Life is created inside your thoughts. You then experience your thoughts as though they are real.

Last week you read about the three aspects of our thinking: mind, thought and consciousness. Awareness is the ability to begin to see how you create the story tha...

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Sticks and Stones of Your Mind

Sticks and Stones Can break your bones But words can never hurt you — Unknown

Yet words do hurt — incredibly. Especially the ones we tell ourselves.

I have begun working with at-risk youth. What a shift from working with adults in addiction recovery. It’s like I am working with the roots of th...

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