What Stands Between You and Love

Love can be elusive. You do so much to find it, create it, live in it, imagine it — and yet returning to love is simply a thought away.

What stands between you and love?

Again, what stands between you and love? What if today you were OK and could feel that space of love — that today you will b...

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Are You Really Broken

So many people think they are broken. Living half-lives of caution and worry — simply because of a thought that they are broken. Oftentimes, they get up only because they have not died in their sleep. They play life small, seldom taking risks, often marinating in the misery of life.

Living like...

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Life and you

Jim Pehkonen

It looks like we live life from the outside in. As long as we are looking good, making the right amount of money, living in the right house, and have the right friends, etc., — life is good.

If you see pictures of puppies, a beautiful sunset, or the ocean beach, or read the coolest saying — you...

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Awareness of Your Wounded Self

Jim Pehkonen

“An experience can’t create your state of mind because an experience is a projection of your state of mind.” — Garret Kramer

We all have a level of emotional wounding; it is a common bond we share. This week, let’s look toward the impact of those emotional wounds on your life.

The mental scars a...

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Choosing to Care

In light of the events during the last week and my piece, “Why Do You Care” last week, how is choosing to care going?

Right now, you may be in the midst of a fear-tsunami. Your thoughts may be spinning so intensely that it appears that life itself is on the brink of collapse. If not, you likely kn...

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