Open Your Heart for Christmas

We are less than a week away from Christmas. How are you doing?

In a time that should be filled with joy, yet often joy seems so far away.

If you are not “feeling it” this year, these words are for you. Maybe you know someone who is struggling; these words may assist them. Pass this on to them or share it with them over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Maybe this is the first holiday season someone is not with you — and you feel alone. Maybe this time of year is always tough — and this year is no different. Maybe you feel lost — and in the perception of “family and friends” you feel alone. Maybe the excessive partaking of substances is catching up — and you feel hurt. Maybe the longer days and darkness are a struggle for you.

In all the above examples, you are moving away from love — based upon a story you believe to be real right now. As you read this, you may feel the story is real. Yet it is simply a story you tell yourself and because of listening to your internal voice for as long as you have, you live as if that story is your reality.

Here is a question for you to ponder:

If I told you the same things you have been saying to yourself, would we still be friends or would you continue to listen to me?

Of course, the answer is NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! You would have nothing to do with me.

OK, then why do you continue to listen to those words inside your head? Seriously, WHY do you live as if what is said in there is your truth?

I’d like you to deeply consider what you have read here. Do you know you have the power of awareness to mute or let these thoughts flow down the river of your thought?

I know you have a lot of evidence for why what the voices say is “true,” yet these voices are not being authentic. Your authentic self has nothing except acceptance and love for everything you are. EVERYTHING!

In this season of renewal, it is time to let these stories go, time to turn down the volume of your internal voices, and return to a sacred and honored space of self-love.

This is going to take awareness. Your journey has been perfect to bring you right here. And in this present moment, it is time to return to that sacred and honored space of self-love and self-acceptance.

This week, use your awareness to open your heart and return home. As you do, reach out and say hello to someone.

Merry Christmas! Thank you for reading these and creating a difference in your life.


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