Are You Really Broken

So many people think they are broken. Living half-lives of caution and worry — simply because of a thought that they are broken. Oftentimes, they get up only because they have not died in their sleep. They play life small, seldom taking risks, often marinating in the misery of life.

Living like this is incredibly difficult.

Addiction is a common result of this kind of thinking — and not simply addiction to chemical substances and alcohol, but addictions to food, a certain lifestyle, sex, working, working out, Facebook, Instagram, pornography, and helping others.

This may or may not be you. You may know someone who has been devastated by the impact of addiction. I read somewhere that 88,000 people die a year from drug and alcohol addiction.

Yet, how many people simply do not live because of their addiction?

How many people do not take risks, living so limited because of their fears? Fear arises in your thinking. Back in the 1950s, they did some work and found that 92% of the things most people worry about do not happen. 92% of what’s inside worry will not happen; only 8% of the things most people worry about have the potential to occur.

Oftentimes, excessive worry and the pain it creates in your heart leads to an addiction.

Addiction is the end result of a heart that feels incredible pain. It is the attempt to numb your heart and feel better, an attempt to quiet the story in your mind that you are broken. As a result of addiction, your heart hurts more and the situation spirals downward.

And in your addiction, you feel even worse about yourself. The behaviors exacerbate these feelings. The life created out of addiction has a lot of broken behaviors, but you are not broken.

You are NOT broken. You have thinking that you are broken, and actions that back up and reinforce your thinking it. Yet these are merely behaviors and actions — they are not who you are at your core.

At your core, you are love. Pure love. And this pure love has been masked by the story you create that you are broken. Nevertheless, it is simply a story.

Healing is the space to return to a sacred and honored love for self. It is the awareness that you have had experiences in life, still, these are experiences — not who you are.

Awareness is the most powerful thing you gain on the path to healing:

Awareness that you create your story from the inside out. Awareness that your heart hurts at times. Awareness that you can return to your original state of love — it is simply a thought away.

In love, we are either moving toward love or away from love. It is an ongoing cycle that never ends. It is quite natural to cycle toward and away from love. It’s simply the cycle of life.

Addiction takes away from awareness that your thoughts are off track, and your behaviors keeps your thinking off track. Again, healing is the space to return to for a sacred and honored space of self-love, allowing you to return to the natural and sacred cycle of life.

Letting go of the story that you are broken will allow you to return to the cycle of life. Yes, this sounds easy, but the work it takes can be tough. You are worth letting go of these broken stories.

Your experience of life is created from the inside out. Awareness of this allows you to return to the space of honored and sacred love. Awareness opens up the possibility and probability of letting go of the broken story — and living life fully!

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