The Compound Interest of Misery

Misery is an interesting emotion. Over the years many miserable people have crossed my path.

Usually miserable people tend to hang out with other miserable people. When miserable people get together, there is almost a contest about who has had the worst miserable experience or who is the most miserable.

Think about yourself when you slip into the space of misery. It is as though the misery compounds almost _by the though_t. And the misery grows.

Yet misery is simply a thought that is amplified by emotion. Think about the last time you were in a space of misery. What would have occurred if you had taken the emotion away and simply been aware of the thought?

You may wonder about that — take the emotion away from the thought and simply see the thought as a thought. It will be in a whole different context without the emotion.

Emotions are the energizers of our thinking. Without emotions, they would simply be thoughts and we would be robots.

“I hurt.”— Say that out loud, as though the statement is simply words with no emotion — like a robot would say it. Notice how there is nothing there other than the silliness of saying it this way.

Now say it with the emotion of sadness — notice how your powerful mind pulls in a memory of a time you were very sad.

Now say it with the emotion of anger, even rage — notice how your mind pulls in the images of when you were angry or in a rage after feeling hurt.

Now say “I hurt” with the emotion of happiness — notice how this simply does not compute. Be with the awkward feeling that arises.

Lastly, say it with the emotion of misery — notice how you flow right into misery — thoughts of times when you hurt and the emotion of misery was engulfing you.

If you would like to see the compounding interest of misery, the next time you are with a group of people and they begin the misery discussion, watch how each participant speaks, tells a story, and attempts to outdo the last story. Watch each person immerse themselves in the misery and take it to the next step. It is fascinating to watch, especially if you can be objective as the misery unfolds.

Begin to get the power you have to place an emotion with a thought such that the emotion amplifies the thought. And if you take the emotion away, it is difficult for the mind to even hold the thought — we are Spiritual beings that flow through emotions from moment to moment.

With the power of awareness, you open the space for shift. This is not a choice, it is simply how our human experience flows. In any given moment, we are either moving toward love or away from love. It is the awareness of this flow that creates the space where we can see where we are without having to do anything.

It is the low-vibration emotions, such as anger and misery, that create the internal space to pull us down even farther. Yet in the awareness, we can begin to see our “states” as simply the space we are in a given moment. We begin to be aware we are moving away from love. Continue to be in the experience of life — get present and you will be aware that you are moving back towards the space of love.

Begin to simply notice the space you are in, from the perspective of your emotional state. Notice the stories your mind creates that may keep you in that space. It is the awareness the allows us to free the mind and return to love.

This week, play in the field of awareness. See what arises.

Weekly Quotes: The best way out is always through. ― Robert Frost

Loving yourself…does not mean being self-absorbed, it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart. —Margo Anand

Respect other people's feelings. It might mean nothing to you, but it could mean everything to them. ― Roy T. Bennett

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