From Dog Run to Dance Floor

My good friend, Judi, has dogs – several dogs. And they live in an area that gets lots of snow during the winter. So, you can imagine their dog run over the winter. That fresh, powdery white snow covers the “landmines” she does not quite get to on clear days. With each snowstorm, the dog run looks pristine all covered with fresh snow.

Now spring has arrived. With the arrival of spring and the warmer temperatures, the melting snow uncovers a landscape inside the dog run that is anything but pretty. Landmines everywhere.

This past week, Judi cleaned the dog run. Not only do the landmines get cleaned up and the area raked, lime pellets are cast to keep the air fresh and treat the gravel.

Once she had done the work to return the dog run to a pristine state, she did the only natural thing someone who dances through life does: she began dancing in the dog run. A friend came over and Judi proudly showed off her new dance floor. After much laughter and a few dance steps, they moved on with life. Her story got me thinking …

Where does the spring weather uncover the “landmines” in your life? Winter is the season of hibernation and going in — it is a time to hunker down and go deeply in. Springtime is the space for you to become aware of what is there. With this awareness comes the space to explore which direction you will go.

Do you have landmines in the landscape of your being? Whether in your physical living space or in your mental thinking space — it is time for spring-cleaning.

It is time to take the out trash. Clear the space of old stuff and old thoughts. Let them go. Create an opening by letting go. It can be the most powerful space.

Is it time to plant new seeds? Spring is a perfect time to create or act on an idea you have. Is there something you would like to begin? Now is the time to reach out and find those who can support your passions and dreams. New ideas flourish in a space that has been cleaned up and is ready for new growth.

Awareness is the key space to create a dance floor from a dog run. Whether it is journaling or sitting quietly or going for a run or taking a walk or brainstorming — open the time and effort to allow this spring to renew you. It is the time to create the space to powerfully move forward.

Take the time and effort to have this spring renew and enliven you. Envision throwing open the windows of your life and dancing in the fresh air. Use your innate awareness and do some work to create a new life experience.

With awareness and effort, you will open the space for an incredible summer. Learning how to dance in the dog run of your being.

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