Your Journey To An Amazing Life

Surviving with no guidance?

Are you living your true potential?
Do you feel 100% incredible?
Are you living your life or a lie?

What’s a moment worth?

This is your life. Right now. And right now. And right now.
Moments are passing.
Reach higher.
You’re worth it.
Grow. Now.

Time for guidance?

If you’re ready for a different perspective, you’re in the right spot.
If you’d like to focus on today — every day — I can teach you how.
Stay in the moment.
Change your thoughts; change your path.

The difference

Guides you through the process.
Asks thought-provoking questions.
Holds you to account.
Brings focus to each moment.
Transformation within six months.

Tells you what to do.
Can be intimidating.
Just lets you slide.
Has you dwell in the past.
Could go on for years.

I am NOT
above you
going to tell you what to do
judging or blaming you

with you
going to guide you
focusing on your strengths from day one

The nod

Select me as your coach if you want and need:
More of a mentor.
Not a quick fix; a guide.

The Pehkonen Process

We are not going to stay stuck in the past— we’ll just touch on it long enough to get your core story and move on.

I am going to guide you through conversations; you will do lots of journaling.

Our time together will not be focused on the past. I will help you understand your:
values and

Together we will create an environment for you to use tools so you can take steps to move forward from this point in your life.

The power

You will become aware of your personal power.
Did you give it up? Is it lost?
It’s not gone.
You still have it.
I will teach you how to find it, access it and use it moment by moment.
Our sessions will not drag on for months and years. That’s not why you’re here.

As your life evolves, issues will manifest, circumstances will change. Wouldn’t you love some tools and understanding about the process so you can be more aware, and stay in a healthy, thriving space?

I’m available. Even in a crisis. You won’t have to wait until your next appointment to discuss whatever might be happening.

Let me create the space for you to be completely open.
Your sessions will be tailored to what you really need.
We’ll get to the heart of the matter.

You’ll learn to fly — for good.