About Me

For 20 years, I was in a traditional career, where I went into organizations and transformed the work culture to create incredible success. In the 90's, in one organization I tripled the revenue in 9 months and kept the revenue levels there for 5 years while adding one person to the payroll, leading the way for 8 branches in bottom line profit, while creating an atmosphere of productivity, fun, and success for 37 employees and their families. Through my keen understanding of the human potential, I would go into mediocre performing businesses and turn them around to record profits.

Just after the turn of the century, I left the traditional corporate world and journeyed into transformation, first my own, and now living fully in my passion as a Life Architect. Since 2005, I have assisted others through individual and group programs to bust through their blocks and create amazing lives!!

Life Architect, Certified Transformative Coach - I have studied in two Academies which specialize in Transformative Coaching and done extensive work in a World Wide Transformation Education organization and have deep Spiritual experience in a very out of the box modalities to deepen my expertise as a Life Architect.

I also work in the field of chemical addiction recovery. Here I do workshops which include transformative discussion and a very out of the box Spiritual Addiction Recovery ceremony with those in residential facilities. I speak 2 to 4 times a week and work with up to 60 people in recovery weekly … making a profound difference while opening a space for healing.